I am a psychologist, mountaineer and free spirit at heart.

I’ve never fitted easily into any of the ‘boxes’ of this world. I am full of contradictions, collaborations and questions. And perhaps that’s what sets me apart from others.
My experience

I am passionate about my profession because I have a wild curiosity about human behaviour and the human condition, about our strengths and our vulnerabilities.

I love to help people identify what really matters to them as an individual – not what society wants for them, or what social pressures push them towards.

believe that the colour and messiness that often comes with living a genuine life makes us human, and gives innate beauty to our humanity.

I have been fortunate to create and live a lifestyle that encompasses both strength and fragility, and one with an interaction with the natural world that leaves me breathless with wonder and perspective. I’ve travelled extensively through remote environments, have ten years of Army experience, and love to learn, think, create and just be. It’s all of these experiences that I integrate into my practice, along with a cherishing of the simple things in life: how to be present to the good and bad, how to embrace risk and fear in order to live a full life – and mostly, that although life isn’t about comfort and predictability, it can be as rich as you are able to will it to be.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me exploring the bush and mountains, climbing rocks and exploring crags; or hanging out with the people that I love. These are the things that nourish me.

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