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The Everest Academy

Failure became the turning point. A catalyst for self-awareness – and the opportunity to re-learn a lesson I thought I’d honed better on higher peaks. That we are what we think, particularly under pressure, is a lesson that can be hastened by the wilderness. We can learn it elsewhere, but the signals can be muted as we become distracted. The wilderness, instead, provides us the unequivocal circumstance to strip back who we are. Undistracted, beautiful and non-negotiable. These are the fractals of wilderness that form its mirror. Into which we can see ourselves if we dare to look. – John Carruthers, CEO

The Everest Academy offers world-class programs designed to transform leadership behaviours. It guides this transformation by providing participants a unique reboot experience in a high altitude or wilderness environment coupled with coaching to reinforce new habits and make performance change accountable after they return to sea level. The centrepiece of our leadership programs are conducted in high altitude locations and culturally rich environments such as the Nepal Himalaya, or demanding and beautiful wilderness locations such as Cradle Mountain / Lake St Clair National Park in Tasmania.



Flowstate Adventure

Living in flow is to live consciously, mindfully and with awareness; to achieve a level of self-mastery that encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is a lifestyle in which mindset, training methods, movement habits, relationships, career, passions and life philosophies are all part of the equation. Flowstate Adventure creates immersive adventure experiences that connect you with nature, others and your own limitless potential. We facilitate peak performance mind-sets using meditation, flow states and physicality such as surfing, snowboarding, mountain-biking and climbing.



Backpacker Medics

Backpacker Medics is a 100% volunteer, non-profit collective of paramedics and health professionals. BPM has a passion for taking simple, effective healthcare to those that need it most. Since 2012, it has been working in a small rural village in eastern Nepal named Kerasawara. Together with the Moonlight Foundation Nepal and the local community, BPM has funded, constructed and facilitated a free healthcare facility: The Moonlight Community Healthcare Centre. Throughout this process of community engagement, 1500+ Children’s Hygiene Sessions have been delivered, 500+ Women’s Health Kits have been delivered, Community Rescue Team has been trained and countless lives have been changed.



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